Artificial Shrubs & Flowering Plants

Potted artificial plants include, shrubs, greenery ,flowering bushes if you do'nt see what you are looking for send  an email we will do our best to help.


Burgandy Chrysanthemum with two flowers 55cm stem

Item CodeCB55
Retail Price$6.45 inc gst
Your Price$4.95
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UV Spray

500ml Spray Bottle UV Protect .Will up to cover 2m double ficus

Includes Shipping

Item CodeUVS500
Retail Price $59.00 inc gst
Your Price $39.00 inc gst
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Umbrella Plant

Yellow & Green Umbrella Plant in plastic pot 45cm tall
Includes Shipping

Item CodeGYU45
Retail Price$89.00 inc gst
your price$59.00
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Yellow Green Umbrella Bush

Yellow Green Umbrella Bush in 12cm decor container 43cm tall
Includes Shipping to your door

Item CodeVU43
Retail Price$69.00 inc gst
2 your door$39.00
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Potted Zanadu

Potted Zanadu in black plastic pot 50cm tall
Includes Freight 2 your door

Item CodePZ50
Retail Price$39.00 inc gst
Your Price inc freight$25.00
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Flowering Spathiphyllum Plant

Real Touch Flowering Spathiphyllum Plant in black plastic pot 1m tall
Includes freight 2 your door

Item CodeSP10
Retail Price$109.00 inc gst
Your Price inc freight$89.00
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